2) which statement best describes a social contract
A.an implied agreement between citizens and government in which citizens release some liberty to government for the good of society
B.a contract between local residents and providers of basic services like water and energy
C.an understanding that the judiciary branch of government will be wholly independent of the other branches of government

3)which statement best describes the purpose of seperation of power in government
A.The separation of powers was designed to provide the greatest amount of liberty to people.
B.It ensures that the president is separated from special interest groups who might try to corrupt him/her.
D.It was designed to keep the judiciary, legislative, and executive branches of government working against each other.

4)which statement about the relationship between english philosophers and the philosophy of robert filmers is true
B.Filmer argued for a strong monarchy, whereas Enlightenment philosophers claimed that government was not necessary because natural law would allow society to advance.
C.Enlightenment philosophers advocated government systems that protected the natural rights of man, whereas Filmer argued that people would be lost without the paternal monarch.
D.Enlightenment philosophers advocated monarchical governments in which a central king would ensure the rights of the people, whereas Filmer argued for representative democracy.

5)which of the following best describes a social contract as defined by western philosophers in the 18th century
A.a contract that forces people to release all of their liberty in exchange for basic services
B.By rejecting any form of government, people should have a contract amongst themselves to maintain peace and orde
D.people consenting to a form of government, which implies that an individual releases some liberty for the common good

6)enlightenment philosophers employed ____ to distill scientific truths through experimentation and observation
A.Greek mythology
B.Galilean proofs
D.scientific method

8) which statement best explais why the "divine right of kings" theory conflicted with the idea of a social contract
B.Social contracts required the consent of every individual in society, which meant kings had to obey the will of the majority.
C.Because divine right of kings awarded absolute power to monarchs as leaders of society, there could not be a true consent of the people.
D.As a purely Catholic idea, the divine right of kings theory conflicted with the Protestant theory of a social contract.

9) each statement is true of the enlightenment is true except
A.It sought to justify the divine right of kings.
B.It influenced the American Founding Fathers.
C.It began in Western Europe in the 18th century.

10) which view was not included in John Lockes Two Treatises of Gvernment (1690)
A.Governments should have limited power.
C.Governments have obligations to those whom it governs.
D.Governments should not allow all groups of people the same liberties.


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  1. I'm not sure about most of your answers, partly because you've omitted one of the possible answers from each question. I believe 5 and 9 are correct. I disagree with your answers for 4, 6, and 8.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. #2 is also incorrect. Have you actually read Locke's work? And Rousseau's?



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  3. I am a history teacher. I have looked at all your answers. You have a 100%.

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  4. Them answers are incorrect

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