Media/News Accounts Question

Which one of the following would most
likely describe David Broder's view of
George Stephanopoulos,a former member
of the Clinton Administration,hosting
the Sunday morning television news show
"This Week":

A. George Stephanopoulos is an asset to
"This Week" because of his past
experience working in the Clinton

B. More government officials should
become journalists to provide the
general public with helpful insight
as to how our government operates.

C. Having a former advisor to Bill
Clinton host a news show blurs
the lines of objective journalism
and creates the perception of
media bias.

D. It is okay for George Stephanopoulos
to host a news show as long as he
does not use it as a platform to
run for political office.

David Broder opposes the idea of journalists' becoming government officials and vice versa.

According to Broder, a line should
divide objective journalism from partisan politics,but many members of the print and television media have crossed this line.
Others argue that journalists with
previous government service have close
working relationships with politicians
and can give us a valuable perspective
on government without losing their
professional neutrality.

So, with this said would the correct
answer be C or D? Please Help!!

Would someone please answer this question--Please!

C. must be the correct answer. According to your explanation of Broder, he doesn't think journalists should be affiliated in any way with a political party. Since Stephanopoulos
was employed by a Democratic President, Broder would believe that he shouldn't be a journalist.

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