Calculate the amount of heat required to convert 17.5g of ice at -33.5∘C to steam at 100.0∘C.

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  1. heat needed to raise T of solid water from -33.5 to solid water at zero C.
    q1 = mass ice x specific heat solid ice x (Tfinal-Tinitia) where Tfinal is zero and Tinitial is -33.5

    q2 = heat need to melt ice; i.e., change solid water at zero C to liquid water at zero C.
    q2 = mass ice x heat fusion

    q3 = heat needed to raise T liquid water from zero C to liquid water at 100 C.
    q3 = mass H2O x specific heat H2O x (Tfinal-Tinitial) where Tf is 100 and Ti is 0.

    q4 = heat needed to convert liquid water at 100 C to steam at 100 C.
    q4 = mass H2O x heat vaporization.

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  2. that just confused me i used q2 and then q4....because going from a ice to stream is another conversion

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  3. Come on shadow.
    The q1 is to get you from ice at -33.5 to zero.
    The q2 is to get you from solid ice to liquid water.
    The q3 is to get you from zero C to 100 C.
    And q4 is to get you from liquid water at 100 to steam at 100.
    The problem asks for heat need to go from -33.5 to steam at 100. I gave it to you in each piece needed. The TOTAL, which is what the problem wants, is
    q1 + q2 + q3 + q4. You just add each of the pieces together to arrive at the total. I assumed it was obvious that you added each piece so I didn't write that. Sorry. Perhaps I should have written it.

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  4. Can u do it in simple way with calculations

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