Algebra II

Please help me out with this

The numbers 1 through 50 are written with red marker on slips of paper while the numbers 51 through 100 are written with blue marker on slips of paper. All the papers are put into a bag and shuffled. One card is randomly selected.

a. Find the probability of selecting a number less than 10 or a number written in blue. Show work.
b. Find the probability of selecting a number written in red or a multiple of 20. Show work.

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  1. P(<10 | blue) = P(<10) + P(blue) - P(<10 & blue)
    = 9/100 + 50/100 - 5/100 = 54/100

    similarly for (b)

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  2. ok thank you so much for showing me how to solve this!!! :)

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