La cocina esta muy sucia. Tu padre dice

estas lavando los platos

lavan los platos

lava los platos y saca la basura

Estas sacando la basura

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  1. What exactly is your question?
    Do you want English translations?

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  2. No I know what it says but the first is the question and the others are the answer choices. They didn't seem to make sense to me, like none of them were right

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  3. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all you say "the first is the question" BUT I see no question! Secondly everything that requires an accent mark and does not have one is considered TOTALLY wrong, not only partly!

    If you need to know how to make accent marks with the computer, we need to know if you have a PC or MAC, Windows or not.


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  4. lol...
    its one of those phrase question things

    the kitchen is very dirty.your dad says:
    blah blah blah....
    some of the answers are written "we wash the dishes" " you are washing the dishes" or "are you washing the dishes"... im pretty sure the answer is lava los platos y saca la basura because it means wash the dishes and take out the garbage

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