there is a six sided shape
for example:
/ \
/ \
/ \
| |
\ /
\ /
( I tried my best!)
is it a hexagon or a pentagon? I no its not a triangle or a octogan but im not sure about the other two. Plz help me!

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  1. yea again im sorry I tried!

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  2. The shape is a hexagon.

    It would be a pentagon if it had 5 sides, but it has 6 sides instead, so it has to be a hexagon.

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  3. Oops! I am anonymous, I forgot to use my first name in the typing part. Sorry!

    Anyways, here is the answer again.

    "The shape is a hexagon.

    It would be a pentagon if it had 5 sides, but it has 6 sides instead, so it has to be a hexagon."

    Here's some extra information.

    Triangle is a 3 sided shape, an octagon is a 8 sided shape, and a pentagon is a 5 sided shape, so what does it leave? - It leaves hexagon, so that would be the one that fits the answer as well.

    You can also look up "six sided shape" and see for yourself.

    I hope this helps!:)

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  4. thx it does help a lot!!!!!! :)

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  5. You're welcome Mia!:)

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