Prior to their phaseout in the 1980s, chemicals containing lead were commonly added to gasoline as anti-knocking agents. A 3.279 g sample of one such additive containing only lead, carbon, and hydrogen was burned in an oxygen rich environment. The products of the combustion were 3.569 g of CO2(g) and 1.826 g of H2O(g). Insert subscripts below to appropriately display the empirical formula of the gasoline additive:
I got C2H5 but I do not know how to get the empirical formula for CHPb

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  1. I don't know how you obtained C2H5.
    Here is what you do. You must first convert everything to C, H, and find the difference in order to find Pb.
    g C = grams CO2 x (12/44) = ?
    g H = grams H2O x (2/18) = ?
    g Pb = 3.279 - gC - gH

    Then mols C = gC/12 = ?
    mols H = gH/1 = ?
    mols Pb = gPb/207.2

    Then find the ratio.
    I ended up with (C8H20)Pb

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  2. jwk

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