social studies

1. The admission of Missouri as a slave state was controversial in the Senate because

the Senate was pro-slavery.
it would create sectionalism.
it would upset the balance.***
the Senate was anti-slavery.

2. The main topic of the Lincoln-Douglas debates was

Western territories.
war with Mexico.
the economy.

3. Southerners justified secession with the theory of

constitutional rights.
federal rights.
the Union's errors.
states' rights.***

4. What plan specified that slavery should be prohibited in any lands that might be acquired from Mexico?

Missouri Compromise
Clay's Plan
Mexican Plan
Wilmot Proviso***

5. What book by Harriet Beecher Stowe showed slavery as a brutal, cruel system?

Slavery in the South
Slavery's System
African Americans in Slavery
Uncle Tom's Cabin***

6. What was the first territory to shed blood in a civil war over slavery?

South Carolina

7. In the election of 1856, the presidency was secured for James Buchanan by

Northern votes.
Republican votes.
Southern votes.***
Whig votes.

8. What Supreme Court decision divided the nation even more?

Fugitive Slave case***
Dred Scott case
Clay's ruling
John Brown case

9. Douglas's stand that people could exclude slavery by refusing to pass laws protecting slaveholders' rights came to be known as

Douglas's Debate.
the Slaveholder's Rights.
the Freeport Doctrine.***
Douglas's Doctrine.

10. How did the 1860 election contribute to the breakup of the Union?

by electing a president many believed would not protect Southern rights***
by electing a pro-slavery president whom the North would not tolerate
by allowing freed slaves to vote
by electing a president whose stated intention was to outlaw slavery immediately

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  1. im not so sure on 8.

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  2. so sorry to be a pest -_-'

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  3. Good grief!

    Please develop some patience!

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  4. 1. c
    2. c
    3. d
    4. d
    5. d
    6. b
    7. c
    8. b
    9. c
    10. a

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  5. Yes

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