Evolution question part 2 - help!! THANK YOU!

Narwhals are aquatic mammals known for the giant tusk that protrudes from their upper lip. These mammals live in artic waters and can spend more than three hours at a time underwater at great depths that would crush other animals. The narwhal's ability to endure such long underwater dives is an example of _________?

Would this be an adaptation??

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  1. evolution. a lack of food near the surface, or an abundance of predators caused the narwhals to hunt lower and lower, those that had the greater lung capacity ate better//were more attractive therefore over time they have evolve to better survive at higher pressures for long periods.

    yes, i suppose it is an adaptation

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  2. a farmer sprays insecticide on his crops and notices that the insect pest problems disappear. a year later he tries the same insecticide only to find that he did not achieve the same result. the insect population shows resistance to the insecticide. This is an example of______ acting on a population to change its characteristics.

    Well, would this also be adaptation??

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