maths (integ)

voltage v=25sin50πt is applied on a circuit. using integration, find mean and RMS over range t=0 to 10ms .

i got it to 25/2πt^2 cos(2π/9)+c but im not sure that im going the righ way.

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  1. If you are first of all looking for the integral of
    it should be
    -1/(2π) cos(50πt) + c
    the rest is physics, about which I know very little .

    from there the mean is usually found by ...

    1/(10-0) ( -1/(2π) cos (500π - (-1/2π cos(0) )
    = 1/10 (-1/(2π) (1)
    = -1/(20π)

    I am using "the mean of a function" definition, don't know if it applies to this physics problem.

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