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Cohesion and Coherency/Sentence Variety

This short paragraph has two distinct problems. First, to improve cohesion, rewrite these sentences so that old information is at the beginning of each sentence. Second, combine sentences and/or provide transitions to improve the sentence variety.

Rewriting is something that most writers find they have to do. They rewrite to discover what they have to say. They rewrite to discover how to say it. There are a few writers who do little formal rewriting. They have capacity and experience. They create and review a large number of invisible drafts. They create and review in their minds. They do this before they approach the page.

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  1. If you're expecting someone to do your assignment for you, this is the wrong website! But if you give it a try, we'll be happy to go over your work and make suggestions.

    Here is an excellent website with ideas about how to combine sentences well:
    Scroll down and concentrate on these sections: Combination, Subordination, Reduction, Apposition.

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