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I render my solution to the problem over CO2 aq. + H2O ...> H2CO3
how much PH can be put at for the above-equation under P = 3600 psi, T= 190 oF, 0.208 liters fresh-H2O

as we know, 1.45 grams CO2 (equal to 0.033 moles) is soluble in water at 25oC / 1 atm.

1.Using Ideal gas eq.: PV=nRT z~ 1.0

n value is calculated to be around 1.14 moles CO2 (equal to 50.16 grams).

2.Ka = [H+].[HCO3-]/[H2CO3]
Ka ~ 10^-6.367 = x * x / (0.033-x)

x = [H+]~ 7*10^-4
PH = 3.15 for solubility of 50.16 grams CO2 in 0.208 liters fresh-H2O

3.Now, my questions

firstly, is it authentic the above-solution?
secondly, how much PH would be, if we have 195 kg CO2 into 0.208 liters fresh-water?
Thank you very much.

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