The cars (2 cars) are pulling a vault out of the wall of a police station. What is the acceleration and velocity from rest? This question comes from the vault heist scene in the movie Fast 5. you can use what even distance and time to find it. The weight of the car and vault are below.

time = 15s
Vault ≈ 74,750 lb ≈ 33,903.03 kg
Car ≈ 1900 kg
Money in vault ≈ 4,900 kg
Estimate coefficient (tires & concrete) ≈ 1
Estimate coefficient (steel & vault) ≈ 0.57

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  1. 2 cars pulling together on level surface?

    Mass of cars = 3800 kg
    weight of cars = 3800*9.81 = 37278 N
    so max friction force of tires = 37,278 N

    mass of full vault =38803 kg
    weight of full vault = 380,657 N
    max ing friction = .57*380657
    = 216,974 N

    In other words, based on what you have told me, no way the cars can accelerate the vault.

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  2. Thanks Damon!!!! you're the best!!!!

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