How would I graph this:
(I don't understand the whole with [1/volume] (units=1/mL) on the X-axis )

According to Boyle's Law, pressure is inversely proportional to volume, so prepare a graph of the data, with [1/volume] (units=1/mL) on the X-axis and pressure (atm) on the Y-axis.

Pressure(atm)(y-axis) Volume(mL)(x-axis)
1.000 150 mL
1.15 130 mL
1.36 110 mL
1.67 90 mL
2.14 70 mL
3.00 50 mL

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  1. corrections for the data
    1.00 atm 150 mL
    1.15 atm 130 mL
    1.36 atm 110 mL
    1.67 atm 90 mL
    2.14 atm 70 mL
    3.00 atm 50 mL

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  2. This forum is not designed for graphing, drawings, spacings, etc etc.
    What the problem wants you to do is to graph P vs 1/V
    So the first point will be 1 atm for P and 1/150 mL for volume
    The second point will be 1.15 atm for P and 1/130 mL for V

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