Supervision and Leadership

I need someone ele's thoughts on this scenario Questions 1and2 at the end.

No Extra Effort
You are the supervisor of nurses in the pediatrics section
of a 700-bed hospital in a metropolitan area. You
have been in your job for six months, having moved
from a similar position in a much smaller rural hospital.
You: I just can’t seem to get my people to
perform. They’re all extremely competent,
but they don’t seem to be willing to put
forth any extra effort. Take last Saturday
evening. I thought Sue was going to have a
fit when I asked her to help tidy up the
nurses’ station. She was quick to explain
that that was the janitor’s job.
Friend: Exactly what are the duties and
responsibilities of your nurses?
You: They don’t really have much responsibility.
That always seems to fall on me. Their
duties don’t vary much from those of the
average nurse—make sure medicines are
taken on schedule, perform periodic checks
on patients, and provide general assistance
to doctors and patients. Of course, pediatrics
does require a certain disposition to deal
with children.
Friend: How do you evaluate their performance?
You: Mainly based on complaints and my general
feeling about how they are doing. It’s hard to
evaluate the quality of their work since most
of it is fairly routine. However, if I receive
several complaints on a nurse, I can be pretty
sure that the nurse is not doing the job.
Friend: Do you receive complaints very often?
You: That’s just the problem. Recently, complaints
have risen noticeably. The number of
complaints is much higher here than at my
former hospital. The worst part is that the
nurses don’t seem too concerned about it.
Friend: What financial rewards does the hospital
You: They’re all well paid—when I think that I
started 30 years ago at $25 per week! Base
pay is determined mainly on the basis of
longevity. They also get paid vacations,
never specifically said so, Archie feels that he is as high
as he’ll ever go in the company. This doesn’t seem to
bother him since he likes his present job and feels comfortable
in it.
1. What would you do to motivate Archie if you
were Tom Williams?
2. Suppose Archie liked his job so much that he
didn’t want to be promoted even if offered a
higher job. What would you do to motivate Archie
in this situation?

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  1. Who is Tom Williams? Is he the nursing supervisor?

    Why would you motivate Archie to be promoted if he's happy where he is? Check this site to find what often happens when a person is happy in his job and then is promoted.

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    Ms. Sue

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