"le Chat. principle".

Hey, can you check this, this is regarding "le Chat. principle". Thanks!

#1) The value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction

H2CO3(aq) + energy >>> H2O(l) + CO2(g)

can be changed by introducing a change to which component of the equation?

My answer: It would change if you changed the temperature in the equation, because it causes the Keq to increase or decrease. It the temperature is increased the Keq will also increase. If the temperature decreases, so will the Keq.

That looks good to me.

I want to add that many students will answer that adding some of the reactants or some of the products will change the equilibrium (then they assume that means the Keq changes because the concentrations of the products and reactants have changed). That is correct (but the assumption is not true), it will change the equilibrium POINT; i.e., it will shift the equilibrium to the left or to the right, depending upon whether reactants or products are added. However, Keq, the constant, changes only for changes in temperature.

Thanks again!


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asked by Dave

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