1.) Use Newton’s first law of motion to explain how wearing a seat belt in a moving car could help prevent injury.

2.) A skydiver prepares to jump out of a plane. Explain how gravity and air resistance will affect the motion of the skydiver before and after he or she opens the parachute.

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  1. I will be happy to critique your response.

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  2. bob your your here to help people not critique them.

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  3. i know the answer for none of them

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  4. 1. Newton's first law of motion states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless an opposing force stops it. Seat belts are basically life supports inside a car. So, if you were not wearing your seat-belt, you are most likely to go through the windshield during a crash. Also, If you happen to get in a crash and your not wearing a seat belt. The airbags will cause severe injuries. They come out at 400 mph which could likely kill you. So be safe and wear a seat-belt.
    2. I have no idea

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  5. 2. Gravity continues to push you down but Air resistance keeps you in the sky longer. So when you open the parachute you till are going down but the parachute slows you down.

    (I'm bad at explaining lol)

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  6. TYSM

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