Biographical Essay Evaluation (Writeacher)

Third paragraph: "Nevertheless, despite my love for summer freedom, there are a couple of things I missed about school. Learning new and self-improving information, for instance, is one of them. How relieved I remember feeling when my teacher, Mrs. Pfiefer, told me different means to improve my writing. How enriched in knowledge I remember feeling when I finally learned how to read a topographic map. Not being able to learn during my time of vacation makes me almost regretful. It’s because I wouldn’t be able to know the names of the constellations as I’d lie beneath them. I wouldn’t know how to write a poem about the birds I’d witness fly overhead without a few tips from Mrs. Pfiefer. However, before I would even realize, I would already be enrolled in school, longing for the summer once again."

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  1. Fix the 2nd one first.

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