Spanish- Sin a or a

I have to chose whether or not the sentence needs preposition a or no a (sin a)

1) ¿Conoces__ alguien que organice fiestas de
2)Busco__ alguien que me ayude a organizar la mía.
3)Necesito __ un grupo musical que sea bueno.
4) Lo siento, no conozco__ nadie que sepa de ningún grupo.
5)¿Conoces__ un cocinero que sea bueno?
6) ¿Me recomiendas __ un buen agente de viajes?
7) Quiero conocer_ alguien que trabaje en un buen restaurante.
8)Acabo de conocer__ una chef excelente.

I just need someone to double check my answers

1. sin a
2 a
3 sin a
4 sin a
5 sin a
6 a
7 sin a
8 sin a

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  1. I'll send this to Sra.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. This exercise has to do with using "personal a" in front of a person, family pet or anything else you would like to "personalize."

    1. correct (because you do not have a definite person in mind; this person is indefinitie)
    2. yes, if you have someone in mind, that you know, BUT if this is an indefinite person (like #1), then sin a
    3. correct with no definite group in mind.
    4. a (nadie is the negative form of "alguien" meaning nobody/no one = a person)
    5. correct if this person is indefinite, BUT if that person is definite, then a)
    6. correct (if there is a definite person in mind, BUT if it is indefinite = sin a)
    7. a (alguien = a definite person)
    8. a = una chef is a person (this person is definite because you have just MET her)

    This can be very tricky with indefinite nouns. In other words, when you don't know if this person exists or not, it IS an unspecific person.)
    EXCEPTION: the personal a is never used with the verb tener.


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  3. OOPS. I forgot about the exceptions to the exceptions! I believe it is BEST to always use the personal "a" with alguien and nadie. That means #1, 2, 4, 7 are all best with the personal a.

    You don't have an example of using the personal "a" with the verb tener, but you MIGHT with a specific person that y ou know and admire.


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  4. Number 6 is Sin A, the rest of what she said is correct^

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