Billy Jeans' profit is given by the equation y=2.7-.0000015(x-2550)^2, where x represents the number of units manufactured and y represents the profit given in millions of dollars. What is the maximum possible profit?

a) 2.55 billion dollars
b) -7.1 million dollars
c) 9.8 million dollars
d) 2.7 million dollars

Calculate dy/dx and set it equal to zero.
dy/dx = 1.5*10^-2*(x-2550)=0
x = 2550 at the maximum
Y (@ x=2550) = 2.7 million
The answer is (d)

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asked by joe
  1. I was hoping to using this as my a example could you show me how to get to the answer. I'm horrible at math.

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