Are these correct
2a) For the cone, find the Lateral Surface Area in square inches. (Hint: Use the pythagorean theorem to find the slant height)

diameter= 12 inches, height= 8 inches

Lateral Surface Area= 301.5928 square inches

2b) Find the volume in cubic inches

Volume = 88.49555 cubic inches

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  1. You included the area of the circular base.
    I understood that "lateral surface area" excluded the base of the solid.

    For the volume I got pi(6^2)(8)/3 = 301.5929

    mmmmh, now would that be a coincidence that this answer is the same as the one you got for the total surface area???

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  2. so its the same???

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  3. no, just a simple coincidence with those numbers.
    I tried it with a cone of height 12 and radius 5, resulting in a slant height of 13

    the total surface area would be 65pi + 25pi = 90pi and
    the volume would be 25pi(12)/3 = 100pi

    All we need in one exception to our perceived relationship and it is pooched.

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