I already figured out the answers to some but I need help with two more.

1) A disk with an initial angular velocity ω0 = 4.5 rad/s experiences a constant angular acceleration of α = 7.5 rad/s2 for time t = 15 s. Please answer the following questions.

ω0 = 4.5 rad/s
α = 7.5 rad/s^2
t = 15 s

Part (a) Write an expression for the magnitude of the angular velocity of the disk at time t in terms of the given parameters.
ω= ω0 + α*t

Part (b) Calculate the magnitude of the angular velocity of the disk in rad/s at time t.

Part (c) Write an expression for the magnitude of the angular displacement θ traveled by a point on the disk during the angular acceleration described in terms of the given parameters. Assume the point starts at an angular displacement of 0 radians.

Part (d) Calculate the magnitude of the angular displacement in radians traveled by a point on the disk during the acceleration described

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  1. I think I got it.
    c) ω0 t + (0.5*α*t^2)
    d) 911.3

    Can you just double check this?

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    posted by Michelle

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