LA pls help!!!!!

1. Which of the following is an example of plagiarism? (1 point)
A. including a common expression or proverb without using quotation marks
B. retelling, in your own words, information from an encyclopedia article
C. adding a quotation from an external source without citing the author***

2. Which of the following parenthetical citations of the book Heading to the Polls by Karima Smith is formatted correctly according to the MLA style? (1 point)
A. (Smith)
B. ("Heading to the Polls")
C. (Smith 56-57)***

3. What is the difference between parenthetical citations and the citations in works-cited page? (1 point)
A. Parenthetical citations are more complete.
B. Parenthetical citations are used for quick reference.
C. Parenthetical citations appear at the end of each page.

im not really good at this so help would be gr8

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  1. 1 and 2 are correct. What do you think about 3?

    Remember that "parenthetical" comes from the word "parentheses." ( )

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  2. i looked it up and i think its b...???

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  4. 1. D
    2. A
    3. B

    correct answers (yes, even though it says dab it is completely correct. i promise.)

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  5. 1. D
    2. A
    3. D
    get it right people!

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  6. What is right

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