Water flowing through a garden hose of diameter 2.77 cm fills a 25.0-L bucket in 1.40 min.

(a) What is the speed of the water leaving the end of the hose?
Answer in m/s

(b) A nozzle is now attached to the end of the hose. If the nozzle diameter is one-third the diameter of the hose, what is the speed of the water leaving the nozzle?
Answer in m/s

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  1. 25 L = 25 * 10^-3 m^3
    2.77 cm = .0277 m
    1.4 min = 84 seconds

    flow rate * time = amount
    pi r^2 v * 84 = .025 m^3
    pi (.0139)^2 v = .025
    v = 41.18 m/s

    if 1/3 diameter then 1/9 of area so speed is nine times original
    371 m/s

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