I'm in the middle of writing an essay and one point I have to mention is the two different beliefs within Christianity. What are the two main beliefs of Christianity? 0_o

Two different beliefs?
There are many more than that. Here are some.
Virgin Birth.
The character of the Holy Spirit
The authenticity of the Bible
The authority of the Church
The relationship of a person to God vs Priests intercessing.
The concept of purgatory.
The concept of Saints interceding for us.
The requirement of baptism.
The concept of attaining Earthly perfection.
The concept of who goes to heaven.
The concept of sin being forgiven, as we are to forgive (murders, etc)
Capital punishment
War, and the partaking in it.

The main beliefs of Christianity have nothing to do with the above. It is the minor things folks like to argue about.

Two primary beliefs of Christianity? There is only one God, and Jesus is his son.

All other concepts stem from these two beliefs and the teachings of God and Jesus in the Old and New Testaments.



Can you please let me know what you do with the candle and the oil at baptism?

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asked by Sarah

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