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physics please help!!

A diver stands on the end of a diving board as shown in the figure on the right. The mass of the diver is 58 kg
and the mass of the uniform diving board is 35 kg. Calculate the magnitudes and directions of the forces
exerted on the board at the points A and B.
(A & B are 1 meter apart from each other, and the length of the board is 4 meters. A is on the far left of the board.)

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  1. Ok, I might have figured this one out but I am not sure so someone else feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
    first I found the torques around the two points
    make sure for the radii you use the center of mass for the diver the distance from the pillar and for the weight of the board the center of the boards distance from the pillar

    subtract the torqueB from torqueA
    use the new torque and divide it by the distance between the two pillars to find the force acting on A
    the force should be equal but opposite on point B
    so A has a force of 911.75 N up and B has a force of 911.75N down

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