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A swimmer would like to improve his time in the 100 yard freestyle race. After talking to his coach, he intends to focus on one critical element at the beginning of the race. This swimmer will try to improve his 100 yard freestyle time by improving his (1 point)
Power of the recovery stroke.
Reaction time to the starters whistle.
Rhythmic breathing technique coordination.***
Speed of the exhale breath.

Craig’s coach has him focus on improving his agility while dribbling the soccer ball with a defender close to him. How might his coach suggest practicing this important ball control skill? (1 point)
Perform touch passes with a partner while maintaining their position.
Perform sideline throw-ins and chase the ball immediately after release.
Practice dribbling as fast as he can from one end line to the other.***
Practice dribbling through a cone maze spaced several feet apart and changing direction often.

Helena is motivated to be the starting goalie for her school’s hockey team. She knows that a quicker reaction time will help her stop more shots. Helena can practice this important skill related to being a better goalie by having her teammates
A. form one line and raise their hands prior to shooting the ball. ***
B. form two lines with the shooters deciding which line shoots next.
C. roll the ball on Helena's signal to different areas of the goal.
D. stick handle the ball to a cone and shoot from that designated spot.

7. Coach Burke was emphasizing proper hitting mechanics during Tuesday’s practice at the ball field. He was extremely impressed to see several of his players hit the ball off the outfield fence and a few over the fence during batting practice. The players increased their hitting distance by
A. choking up on the bat and decelerating their bat speed.
B. extending their arms and maximizing the bat speed upon contact. ***
C. gripping the bat tighter to ensure more control over the swing.
D. reducing the force of the swing upon contact.

In a baseball ready position preparing to field the ball, a player should be positioned so that his (1 point)

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