religion, HELP!

i tried working on my presentation now i don't know what i'm doing or thinking anymore can someone give me suggestion how to put it all organized and what points i should cover within the presentation. These are the titles that i am required to cover.Its a powerpoint presentation and there needs to be 10slides.Its a presentation for a 9yr old on Judaism. I can only have five lines in each slide and 5 words per line plus speaker notes.
1.what should i talk about in
each? which order should i place

*relationship with god/torah
*History of key sacred texts
*ten commandments
*the nation of Israel
*Different Sects of Judaism (modern day)
*the holocaust
*sacred practices and holidays
*judaism today


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asked by kailin
  1. This is my idea but like this:
    relationship with god/torah
    *History of key sacred texts
    *ten commandments
    *sacred practices and holidays
    *the nation of Israel
    *Different Sects of Judaism (modern day)
    *the holocaust
    *judaism today
    the rest I can't help you with

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