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Have world problem and I don't get it please explain step by step simplify and show me as many ways as possible cause one might be easier than other !!

A bicycle travels at constant speed of 15km/hr. Bus starts 195km behind bicycle and catches up to bicycle in 3 hrs. What's average speed of bus in km/hr????

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asked by Annie
  1. They both travel for time t = 3 hours
    the bike goes:
    d = 15 t

    the bus goes
    d + 195 = v t
    d = v t - 195

    but t = 3 so

    15(3) = v(3) - 195

    45 = 3 v - 195
    3 v = 240
    v = 80 km/h

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    posted by Damon
  2. or, you can look at it like this. The bus makes up 195km in 3 hours, so it is going 195/3 = 65 km/hr faster than the bike.

    15+65 = 80 km/hr

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    posted by Steve

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