i have to write an essay on how hucks sound heart won over his deformed consience throughout the book "the adventures of huckleberry finn". i need 3 examples for three body paragraphs.
so far i have,
1) when i was going to write miss watson a letter to turn jim in (consience), but then riped it up and said ill go to hell and save jim (heart)
2) when huck gave the king and the duke whatever they wanted, thinking it was easyer that way (consience) and when he tells mary jane the truth about the king duke & money (heart)
3) help?

also what would my thesis statment be? do i list all 3 of mt examples?

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asked by blaire
  1. Scroll down this webpage and read about the motif of "Lies and Cons" -- then let us know if you find another idea in there.

    You pretty much have your thesis statement in the first sentence you wrote above -- when you are explaining your assignment. Try rephrasing it into a sentence starting with "Huck's heart ... " (And you don't have to have the three examples in that sentence unless your teacher insists. I think it'd be too long.)

  2. Sorry! Here's the webpage:


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