Bill has overdrawn his account by $15. There is a $10 service charge for an overdrawn account. If he deposits $60, what is his new balance?

so far, this is what i think it should be like:
is it $55???

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  1. What about his overdraw of $15 ?

    his balance would be 60 - 15 -10 = 35

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  2. You forgot to subtract the $15 that he's overdrawn.

    He deposits $60. But the bank takes out the $15 plus the $10 service charge.

    $60 - $25 = $35

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    Ms. Sue
  3. wait, this means that in the beginning he got more out of his account, which made it -15 in his account

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  4. never mind, thx for the help

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  5. thank u, i understand it now

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  6. ehh

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  7. i still don't get it need details

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