politcs essay

i'm doing a project where i have pick three newsstations from the internet such as abc, nbc, cbs
then i have to pick a story from the politics section and i picked an article on saddam hussein killing.

after reading the similar stories on all three news stations, i have to write an essay saying whether the news was biased or not.

so i have collected all my information but i need help staring it. i thought my outline could lool like this:
>explain the story
>say if it is biased or not
>my opinion(?) not yet decided on this

am i forgetting anything else? also can you give me an opening sentence. how can i attract the reader's attention. i don't want to say, "the three news channels that are biased are..."

what would i include in my introduction. should i just say how some news are conservative and others are liberal. then just give basic examples saying that some news channels are against bush and some aren't.

please help me. i just want a an sentence and what i should include in this paragraph. for the other paragraphs, already know what i am writing because i have made outlines and stuff.

So Hussein is dead, but his evil hearted enemies are not.

You might consider starting with a particularly dramatic quote about Saddam's execution from one of the articles. Or you could write a dramatic lead of your own -- something like -- "Hanging was too good for him," say many of the families of his victims.

Your outline looks good. You could also point out in your introduction that three different news organizations had different ways of presenting the news of Saddam Hussein's execution.

I wouldn't include Bush in this story because it isn't about him. You need to show how these three reports are different about Saddam's death. Are they biased? If so, how?

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asked by david

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