How many cubic yards of concrete will it take to fill a cylindrical column that is 16 feet high and whose diameter is 4 feet?

Use pi=3.14

(round your answer to the nearest TENTH)

If a cubic yard of concrete costs $75, using the rounded answer from above, what would be the cost for the concrete (rounded to the nearest dollar)

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  1. The volume is pi D^2/4 * H
    In cubic ft, this is
    (3.14)*(1/4)*(4)^2*(16)= 201.0 ft^3. Divide by 27 ft^3/yard^3 for the number of cubic yards.

    Then multipy by $75/yard^3 for the cost.

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  2. would it be 7.4 cubic yards

    and 558 dollars

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  3. Yes.

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