Find the possible nuber of license plates consisting of 2 letters followed by 4 digits if digits can be repeated but letters can not
a. 3,276,000
b. 3,407,040
c. 6,500,000
d. 6,760,000

I thought 26*24*24*23*22*21*20 etc/9 but that wasn't right and its just really confusing

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  1. the two letters at the front cannot be repeated, so that is 26*25
    there are one 10 of digits in each of the
    next 4 places, with the digits repeated, so that would be 10*10*10*10

    no of ways = 26*25*10*10*10*10 = 6500000

    I don't understand at all how you came up with 26*24*24*23*22*21*20

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  2. Yes the answer 6500000 is correct

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