The table lists average monthly temperature and electricity cost for a Texas home in 2008 the table displays the values rounded to the nearest whole number make a scatter plot how would you describes the correlation?
January 57 A.T. 150 E.B.
February 55A.T. 152 E.B
March. 60 A T. 150 E.B
April. 63 A.T. 152 E.B
May. 67 A.T. 157 E.B
June. 72 A.T. 159 E.B
July. 74 A.T. 163 E.B.
August. 79 A.T. 167 E.B.

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  1. Algebra 2: Unit 3 Lesson 5:
    1) temperature increases, the electricity cost increases, there is positive correlation
    2) D. $172, 600
    3) 1.10d + 1.70
    4) y = (5/2)x + 5
    5) $5.06

    Algebra 2: Unit 3 Lesson 6: CBBAD

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  2. Jovana is correct

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  3. jovanas correct

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  4. Is this connexus?

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  5. Kawaii yes

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  6. jovanas still correct 2021

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