Global studies

The indigenous people of British Columbia are famous for carving __________, or tall poles containing the symbols of a particular group, family, or clan.
a. monuments
b. family pillars
c. totem poles ***
d. animal columns

  1. 6
asked by Jack
  1. I agree.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. the answers are c.b.d.

    posted by Jessica
  3. No its not Jessica, I got a 1/3 bc I followed your answers

    posted by Paige
  4. Calm down Paige I have reviewed over both of your answers and you both have it wrong it is

    1. C
    2. D
    3. B

    posted by Smile More
  5. yeah smile more is right I just got 100%

    posted by Jacob
  6. That was Easy...

    posted by ^_^
  7. Does anyone here go to Connections?

    posted by 0_0
  8. ALL OF U GUYS ARE WRONG!!!! I got a 1/3 the real answers are B,D,B
    Plz Check your answers on google

    posted by Tiana
  9. Smile more is right!!! C,D,B for unit 2 lesson 7 of social studies 7B for Connectiins Academy!!!

    posted by Phoenix
  10. Smile more is right Tiana is wrong

    posted by :) just because
  11. smile is right don't listen to tiara she will give an f..i just took it and smiles answers gave us a good grade!

    posted by Angelique
  12. 1. C
    2. D
    3. B

    posted by TheLava
  13. I just took the quiz and it is

    posted by Anonymous
  14. for any of those who are uncertain about what the answers are you dont needa be because smile more is 100% correct so dont listen to anyone else they are trying to confuse you believe me i took the test

    posted by thank me later
  15. Smile More is correct. I promise. The other people are wrong.

    posted by Anonymous
  16. the correct answers are

    posted by none ya
  17. none ya is right i just took the quick check 100%

    posted by sadafsd
  18. For anybody in Connexus, the answers are:


    I hope this helps!

    posted by AsexualAndFailingSchool
  19. ITS

    Hope it helped <3
    just took it 3/3 100%~

    posted by Ewo4Life
  20. Thank you so much. Pika-ChU!!!!

    posted by Pikachu
  21. Everyone is correct
    Economic and cultural change

    1.C totem poles
    2.D copper
    3.B Asian

    posted by fo real

    posted by vampire for life
  23. Hi everyone! So I know I'm not a tutor on here, but there are a ton of online schools. When giving answers, please give the school it's for! Because I've used answers and it's for an entirely different school system.
    Correct answers for connexus:
    1: C (Totem poles)
    2: D (Copper)
    3: B (Asian)

    posted by Vixen-Connexus
  24. C
    It’s right trust me

    posted by Jojo
  25. cdb 100%

    posted by Ed
  26. british columbia: economic and cultural changes
    1. (C) totem poles
    2. (D) copper
    3. (B) asian

    posted by Anonymous
  27. Yeah, it's absolutely C,D,B. I just did the Connexus Social Studies 7 : british colombia: economic and cultural changes quickcheck.

    posted by Sneaky Student
  28. Is anyone else homeschooled by connections?

    posted by Mekkhi

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