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Lesson 3 Unit 2 Probability Couplements, Disjoint Events and the addition Rule

1.M&M candies are great for probability. The following tables are the color distributions for the candies. Fill in each table with the missing probability and answer the questions that follow.

Plain Brown Blue Green Orange Red Yellow
Probability 0.3 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.02 ???

Peanut Brown Blue Green Orange Red Yellow
Probability 0.2 0.3 0.1 0.1 0.01 ???

a) What is the probability that a plain M&M is red or blue? = 0.02+0.1=0.12
b) b) What is the probability that a peanut M&M is not brown? = 0.01+0.3=0.31

2. In order to ensure the safety of school classrooms the local Fire Marshall does an inspection at Thomas Jefferson High School every month, looking for faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, etc. At TJHS the new Academic Wing has 5 math rooms, 10 science rooms, and 10 English rooms. The science rooms are divided into 8 biology and 2 chemistry rooms. Each month, the Fire Marshall randomly picks one of the rooms in the new wing to inspect each month. Define the following events:

S = the event the selected room is a science room
B = the event the selected room is a biology room
M = the event the selected room is a math room
E = the event the selected room is an English room
C = the event the selected room is a chemistry room

Calculate the probabilities of the events described below:

a) P(S) - 10/25
b) P(M or E) - 15/25
c) P(E or B -18/25
) d) P(S and not C) -8/25

3. Research shows that the probability of dying from heart disease is o.45 and the probability of dying from cancer is 0.22.

a. What is the probability that a death was due to either heart disease or cancer 0.45+.22= 67 or 67%
b. What is the probability that a death was due to some other cause? 100-67=33 or 33%

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