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Which of the following describes the correct sequence of events
during the water cycle?

precipitation → condensation → evaporation → runoff
condensation → precipitation → runoff → evaporation
runoff → condensation → evaporation → precipitation
evaporation → condensation → runoff → precipitation

Which set of terms applies to processes in which water undergoes a
change of state?

condensation and evaporation
precipitation and evaporation
condensation and precipitation
evaporation, condensation, and precipitation

Which of the following is not needed to make a model of the water cycle?

an energy source
a closed container
a drain

Which of the following explains why water is a limited resource?

Water is present on Earth in a fixed amount that does not change.

Water is degrading slowly with time.
Only water not present in oceans is available for living things to use.
Once it ends up as groundwater, water is no longer available for living things to use.

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