Hey, can you help me on this question:

Question: A 2.3 kg iron object is placed in an oxygenated tank of 1.00 mol/L hydrochloric acid. What volume of hydrochloric acid would react to completely consume the iron object?

My question: when I separate the H and Cl, and make the equation, I find that H is the SOA and the Fe2+ is the SRA. The question I have is wether that is right or not, because it doesnt add up in the final equation.


the equation:

Fe + 2HCl >>H2 + FeCl2

so it takes two moles of HCl for every mole of Fe. How many moles of Fe are there in 2.3 kg? multiply that by two to get the moles of HCL.

Volume? Volume= molesHCl/MolarityHCl

Would someone please enlighten me as to the meaning of SOA and SRA?

I have seen it used by acronom lovers in Canada...specific reducing agent, and specific oxidizating agent. My take on them is that they add to the confusion beginning students already have on electrochem. In the US, some do the same by writing the half reactions.

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