8th-g Science: Need help to check answer!!!

Since I will have a science test next week based on these questions but my teacher won't check all answer with the class. I don't want to make a mistake and study to an incorrect answers. Do you mind to check the answers for me so that I am able to see if I got it correct or not. Thanks :)

Q1. There is a relationship between breathing and cellar respiration. Breathing involves taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. How is oxygen related to process of cellular respiration?

A. Cellular respiration uses ATP to release the energy stored in oxygen.
B. Cellular respiration uses oxygen to release the energy stored in food.
C. Cellular respiration uses oxygen to produce food in form of sugars.
D. Cellular respiration uses carbon to produce energy in the form of oxygen.

My Answer to Q1 is "C".

Q2: Plant cells produce their own food. They also must get energy from this food, which they use for cell activities, growth, and reproduction. What is the name of the process in which plant cells use oxygen to get energy from food?

A. photosynthesis
B. cellular respiration
C. fermentation
D. mitochondrion

My answer to Q2 is "B".

3. Worms break down dead plants in the soil, and in the process they release nutrients back into the soil. Which property of nutrients shows that they are a type of matter?

A. Nutrients are colorful.
B. Nutrients can do work.
C. Nutrients contain energy.
D. Nutrients have mass.

My answer to Q3 is "C".

asked by Cassidy
  1. I disagree with 3.

    posted by Anonymous
  2. I believe Q1 would be B.

    posted by Anonymous
  3. I read the chapter one more time and I'm guessing the answer of Q3 is "D"? (Having mass and taking up space are two characteristics of all matter.)

    posted by Cassidy

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