religion, help

can someone explain to me or help me out on the following question thanks.

How has Christianity, a faith based on the teachings of one text (the Bible), divided into so many denominations?

What religion are you looking at this from? because many different denominations will answer differently...

The answer does not depend on the denomination of the answerer. The reason there are "sects" in the Christian world is that differing emphasis on teachings occur.
Virgin Birth
Sin vs Perfection on Earth
The role of the church vs individual
The question of infants/young children
The question of Saints
The question of the role of members vs elders vs bishops. ie, who is in charge of the local church.
The question of what is a sin? White lies, homosexuality, etc
The question of who gets to partake the church rites.
The role of the Holy Spririt in individual lives.
The role of church teachings in Holy teachings.

After the printing press was invented and in greater and greater use, more people became literate -- and then they began to read and interpret the Bible for themselves. When humans found the freedom that literacy provided and they could think for themselves, people began to form their own groups, depending on their interpretations.

it doesn't state for what religion that's just how the question is. that's why i don't know where to even look for the reading/or answer.

All of these teachers have answered the question...just as the Bible has been interpreted different ways by different individuals.
That is the reason there are many different denominations. Each denomination was begun by a different leader who saw importance in different teachings. Each group places a different importance on a certain section. Each group has a different agenda in using the Bible to teach "behavior". Kailin, it is very much the same way that if You and I were to look at the same flower, we would be stuck by something different that was special. We would both be right, but we would be appreciating different characteristics.

i see what you mean gurublue now what does denominations mean just that word.

thank you for helping me.

A denomination is a name for a catagory. In religion, there are quite a number of denominations... ( by the way - "nom" comes from the Latin for name) so various ways of thinking about religion have given themselves different names. Some are named after their founders; some are named after some aspect of the Bible that they think is important.

oh i did not know that. THANK YOU i've learned something new.

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asked by kailin

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