please check(Social studies)

im not gonna get frustrated with this anymore because it wont help me but i read some info online and thought these new answers where related to the topic

16.Which aspect of Aztec culture benefitted the Spanish when they were conquering the Aztecs?

A.The Aztecs made enemies of the surrounding tribes who were more than happy to assist the Spanish against them.***A.***
B.The Aztec had sophisticated irrigation.
C.The Aztec had a sophisticated calendar system.
D.The Aztec Empire included several cultures.

17. Which of the following is the most valid reason for not digging up Aztec ruins in modern Mexico City?

A.There are no Aztec ruins under Mexico City.
B.Mexicans have very little interest in their history. ***B.***
C.People's homes and businesses would be destroyed.
D.There are very few archeologists in Mexico.

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asked by dalia
  1. 16 is right.
    17 is wrong.

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    👤 Ms. Sue
  2. 17 is C

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    posted by sunshine

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