i don't know how to write chemical formulas is it like nomenclature because i need to balance equations (which i know how if the equation is given to me the symbols type but not in words), i need to write skeletal equations but i don't know if they are correct.

example: 2H2+O2->2H2O (i get this )
Potassium chlorate -> potassium chloride +oxygen (i need help with questions like these because i don't know what to write for the numbers for each one but i know my oxyacids)
KClO3->KCl+O2 (i don't know if this is right or not

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asked by Sam
  1. Yes, KClO3 is potassium chlorate.
    The best thing I can tell you to memorize the polyatomic ions. For example,
    ClO3^- is chlorate
    SO4^2- is sulfate
    NO3^- is nitrate etc.
    Here is a table. Time and usage will makes this easier.

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    posted by DrBob222

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