RE: Spanish

I have a PC, not Mac. And I tried to answer them in the best of my ability. The thing that really threw me are the reflexives.

Enciendamela ahora
= No me la Encienda

Inscribete en ese curso
= (still unsure)

Quitatelos antes de comer
= No los Quitates

Repitesela al chofer
= No la repites

Llevalo al cine esta tarde
= No lo Llevale

Desela al nino
= No la Dese

One more thing. I need the verb Cortarse and Llegar in preterite tense:

Is this correct:

Im pretty sure this one is correct as well. I probably missed the o-ue part in this one.
me Corte
te Cortiste
se Corto
nos Cortimos
se Cortieron
(note: I my doesn't let us use vosotros)

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asked by John
  1. First of all, the link following will give you ALL the accent marks. Ignore the MAC and slide down further:

    Now for the corrections:

    1. Enciéndamela = No me la encienda

    2. Inscríbete = no te inscribas (right, it is Reflexive, and an -ir verb)

    3. Quítatelos = No te los quites (the verb is quitarse)

    4. Repítesela = No se la repit as (tú command)

    5. Llévalo = No lo lleves (-ar verb in tú negative command changes vowel from e to as

    6. Désela = No se la dé (with accent mark to distinguish it from the preposition "de" = of/from

    cortarse = me corté / te cortaste / se cortó / nos cortamos / se cortaron
    (Most textbooks do NOT in clude the vosotros, -as form. Lucky! You will need to recognize it if you get to literature!)

    llegar = llegué (spelling change to keep the soun of hard G / llegaste / llegó / llegamos / llegaron (It is an -ar verb, not -er or -ir)

    cortar is NOT a stem changing verb o--->ue but contar IS in Present Indicative & later in Present Subjunctive, also in the command = cuenta, no cuentes and cuente, no cuente


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