Social Studies

#1. Who was the backwoodsman who lost his life at the Alamo?

a.) Sam Houston
b.) Davy Crockett ******
c.) John Tyler
d.) Stephen F. Austin

#2. What policies contributed to tensions between Texas and Mexico?

a.) The Mexican government limited immigration to Texas, thus leaving it an independent country until 1845. *******
b.) The American government forced Texans to choose between rule by Mexico or the United States.
c.) The Mexican government outlawed worship at the Alamo.
d.) Texans resented the terms of the land grants they had received from the Spanish.

#3. Which U.S president refused Sam Houston's 1836 proposal to take control of Texas, thus leaving it an independent country until 1845?

a.) Andrew Jackson ******
b.) James K. Polk
c.) George Washington
d.) Stephen F. Austin

#4. Why were some initially opposed to the annexation of Texas as a state?

a.) They thought it would increase British strength in Oregon.
b.) They did not respect Texas's leader, Sam Houston
c.) They had a strong alliance with Mexico
d.) Northerners were opposed to the addition of another slave state to the Union. ********

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  1. I agree with you about 1 and 4.

    I have no idea about 2 and 3, but you might find some help here:

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  2. B

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  3. anonymous is 100%

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  4. thax Anonymous

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  5. He is not right the answers are
    1 D
    2 A
    3 A
    4 D

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