which figures will always be similar to each other?

A.two rectangles
B.two trapezoids
C.two equilateral triangles
D.two hexagrams

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  1. Well think about it first of all rectangles cant be it because rectangles can be similar but they can also be different lengths. Trapezoids well lets see trapezoids can also be changes like the rectangle. and the equilateral triangles they are equilateral meaning they are the same size and shape so your last option is the hexagon(you spelt it wrong). the hexagon has to be right because we have gone over all the other choices. So D is your answer.

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  2. the answer is C. I took the quick check

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  3. the answers for the whole quick check are:
    1.A: similar
    2.C: a pentagon with consecutive sides labeled 3, 5, 4, 4, and 5 is shown
    3.B: All congruent figures are also similar figures.
    4.C: 15 units
    5.C: two equilateral triangles

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  4. is this right?

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  5. @HAMBURBER i'll find out for you

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  6. @HAMBURBER they are correct. 100%

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  7. 4=a:18, there is no 15, at least not in mine.

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