I know i posted this already but no One really answered

how would you say "the wire through which the electric current flows." wouold it be,

Le fils ca le courant electrique couler a travers.

Load(as in electricity): A device that transforms electrical energy into other forms of energy.

is it, "Charge: un appareil ca transformer l'energie electrique dans les autres formes d'energie.

Switch: a device that can turn the circuit on or off by closing or opening the cicuit.

is it, "Bouton: un appareil ca peut tourner le circuit allume ou fermer par fermer ou inaugurer le circuit

I got the english from the BC science 9 textbook. Please help me!

By the way the question was "Quels sont les 4 elements de base de tous les circuits? Decrivez le role de chaque element.

(What are the 4 base elements of all the circuits? write(show) the role of each element).

the answers i got were Source, Conductor, Load, and Switch.



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  1. Don't bother answereing this, i've got the answer already. If you're answering it, thn for trying! =)

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  2. yeah, i saw it a bit later XD

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