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Please help me with the following problem.

Given below is the position-time graph representing motions of two runners, Nick and Ian. Use this graph to determine which runner has greater average velocity.

I can't put the graph here, so the following should give you guys a picture in your head of the graph.

For this problem, bobpursley didn't understand. I am going to try to say my question easier.

I have the answer of 2m/0s in the positive direction, but should I explain how I get it or do I not explain for the answer of the problem?

Ian's distance is 8m, and his time is 8s.
Nick's distance is 6m, and his time is 8s.

The equation for this type of science is Delta d / Delta t or m/s

d is distance, and is on the y-axis
t is time, and is on the x-axis

The distance is meters, and the time is in seconds.

s is seconds
m is meters

8m - 6m
8s - 8s



This is my final answer, but do I explain how I got the answer for it or do I not explain?

Explaining would be what I did above, while not explaining would be just the answer of 2m/0s in the positive direction.

Please help, and I will appreciate it if you guys do.

asked by Brady

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