Gabe is the human resource manager for the Advanced Scientific Research Lab. He has to record
the heights (in centimeters) and weights (in pounds) for each of the scientists in the lab.

Height distribution (cm): 178, 163, 174, 186, 154, 167, 167, 181, 159, 165, 177, 191, 158
Weight distribution (lbs): 157, 163, 190, 187, 183, 173, 184, 189, 193, 192, 177, 173, 168

Question: What is the shape of the height and weight distribution?

Multiple choice:

A. The height and weight distribution exhibit a negative and a positive skew, respectively.

B. Both the height and weight distribution exhibit a positive skew.

C. Both the height and weight distribution exhibit a negative skew.

D. Both the height and weight distribution are symmetric about the mean.

E. The height and weight distribution exhibit a positive and a negative skew, respectively.

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