a concave mirror has a radius of curvature of 0.4 m find the position and the size of the image of an object 0.2 m high placed 0.8 m infront of the mirror

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  1. isn't there a formula for this? What difficulty are you having with it?

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  2. f=R/2
    f =-0.2m
    Ho(height of object)=+0.2 m
    U(distance b/w Pole and object)=-0.8m
    V(distance between pole and image)=?
    Height of image (hi)=?
    Formula- 1/f=1/v+1/u
    1/f=1/v- 1/u
    v=-2.6m (distance b/w pole and image)
    hi=0.65 m

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